What we do

Raiex knows how to generate value by leaning on the long experience and the complex network of contacts acquired on the market, which result in a diversified and complete offer aiming to seize every possible opportunity to grow.

The wide product portfolio handled by Raiex can meet the specific needs of the transformers. Indeed it offers a wide range of thermoplastic polymers, prime and near to prime, regrinded, industrial and grinded, compound and masterbatch, additives and colorants for several sectors.

Raiex is active in the production of foaming additives in liquid form (foaming paste) that ensure high level quality performance by optimizing the use of raw materials and giving the final product lightness and elasticity.

The guidelines issued by Arcoplex Group policy in social responsibility and environmental sustainability, essential elements for a major player in the plastics market, are introducing Raiex in the field of biopolymers, with a particular focus on biodegradable and compostable compounds, thanks to the high level partnership of Arcoplex in this field.