A winning partner for transformers

The secret of a long-lasting success is the comprehension of the customer needs, the strong integration between technology and know-how, the intimate relationship built in the time with all our stakeolders.

Raiex provides winning solutions to customer needs by drawing from the wide and comprehensive product portfolio of the Arcoplex Group: prime polymers, masterbatch, compound, thermoplastic powders. Also relies on privileged access to the market for near to prime and on a large network of contacts with national and international players in the world of plastics. The steady attention in looking for innovative and competitive solutions, supported by a dynamic, flexible and qualified organization connected to the customer, makes Raiex a winning partner for transformers who can count on a wide range of answers and solutions to their needs.

Great added value brings the deep technical expertise that Raiex expresses in the evaluation of needs of its customers in finding the best solutions, in constant quality control of incoming raw materials and outgoing products, thanks to the internal analysis laboratory and to Axtrolab, the exclusive and innovative technical consultancy service offered by Arcoplex. Raiex expresses its corporate philosophy through the ability to read the market trends, adapting quickly to its changes through the experience and professionalism of its founders, Roberto Bocca and Guido De Bernardi, enhanced by the solid and efficient platform of Arcoplex Group.