A reliable enterprise

A 32 year long path, from Eigemann & Veronelli distributor to top company of Arcoplex Group with a farsighted view.

Raiex was founded in 1983 as a distributor of Eigenmann & Veronelli, company active in distribution and production of fine chemicals and specialties, with whom it worked closely for 20 years. Over the years Raiex has worked as an agent for leading companies in the plastics industry, such as Ultrapolymers and Vamp Tech, until the start of its own sales business in prime and near to prime thermoplastic polymers. In 2006 Det Norske Veritas (DNV) certified Raiex Quality System according to ISO 9001, further proof of the competence and professionalism offered to the market.

Raiex in 2011 became part of Arcoplex Group, a strategic change that allowed the company to implement the market penetration and to leverage its know-how. The company is a reliable business partner of prestigious international manufacturers, including two major multinational companies: Japan’s Sekisui Chemicals, producer of thermoexpandable microcapsules, and the Turkish Vatan Plastik, producer of filler compound for the film industry. Today Raiex is the only manufacturer of foaming additives in liquid form, the so-called “foaming pastes”, an interesting and innovative product application with multiple outlets.