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for transformers

Raiex provides winning solutions to customer needs by drawing to the wide and comprehensive product portfolio of the Arcoplex Group: prime polymers, masterbatch, compound, thermoplastic powders. Also rely on privileged access to the market for near to prime and on a large network of contacts with national and international players in the world of plastics.

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Coloured and expanding pastes

An innovative system in additivation and colouring of thermoplastic polymers

The offer of Raiex consist of foaming and colouring pastes injected during the working process using a dosage station.

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A complete rang

The wide product portfolio and a constant focus on the research for innovative and competitive solutions, supported by a competent, dynamic and flexible business organization connected to the customer, make Raiex a winning partner for processors who can count on a wide range of answers and solutions to their needs.

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